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It’s a rainy Saturday evening in September 2014 and I am in a bed sitter in Roysambu. The house belongs to Njambi. She is the sister of my ex at the time, Winnie. I had just come to talk to her and see if she can convince her sister to reconcile with me. Unfortunately, after two bottles of wine, we have found ourselves kissing and undressing each other. Njambi was supposed to be the peacemaker but she has ended up as prey. These things happen. It’s only now that we realize we were so attracted to each other. Fucked up as it seems, we can’t seem to stop. Is there turning back?

“Kenye tunafanya ni poa kweli? My siz akijua si atanichukia” Njambi asks me while lying on the bed

“Hata sijui…unataka tuache?” I try to act innocent in all this.

“Kenye itafanyika ifanyike..Tuendelee.” she declares.

My palm moves to my shirt, releasing the buttons slowly as i fight to maintain control of my breathing. Her scent is rich and evocative, filled with the power of a mountain storm, the heady fragrance of honeysuckle. My dick is like a staff of burning iron, throbbing beneath the restriction of my jeans, pleading for the tight confines of her honey-rich cunt. I imagine she would be wet, slick and hot. Her channel will clasp me like a wet velvet fist, dragging over my sensitive flesh as i thrust in and out.

I swallow tightly at the thought. It only takes moments for me to undress. I leave my clothes where they fall then pad slowly to the bed.

I lay down beside her, my arm hooking over her waist and pulling her back against my body. She gasps, her body stiffening before a moan escaped her throat. A shiver trembles over her body.

“I’m scared, Phil,” she whispers, her voice sounding lost, lonely. “Siz yangu si anaeza jam na mimi forever.”

I breath out roughly and assure her. “Usijali…hatajua.”

I move my hand beneath her shirt, beginning a gentle massaging motion with my fingers as her breathing begins to deepen, roughen.

“Usifikirie sana, Njambi.” I close my eyes, drawing in her scent, becoming nearly intoxicated on the sweetness of it. My body is clamoring now. I clench my teeth as my lips smooth over her neck. Her blood flows hard and fast beneath the tender skin as her body tightens further.

My cock is pressed against the crease of her buttocks as she faces the other side. Below, the small tight hole of her pussy awaits me.

“Come here.” I pull the pillow from her grasp then roll her over to her back. A condom box is just on a stool next to the bed so I stretch over to grab it, tear the pack of one before wearing it.

Njambi stares up at me, her dark eyes dark, dazed with her arousal as I look down at her. Gently, my hand presses to her stomach, easing the knots from the muscles of her abdomen. I push the shirt up her body, the only thing she is still wearing, remembering heatedly how I had torn one from her sister when we were still dating.

Her breasts rise and fall in a hard, fast rhythm. Perspiration glistens on the silken skin, emphasizing the swollen curves and dark, elongated nipples. I tear my gaze from the ripe mounds, meeting hers as I fight for control. My head lowers. The temptation of her lips, swollen from the sensuality of her arousal, is too much to resist. Like the sweetest fruit, demanding that taste of its erotic perfection. She whimpers when my lips touch hers, opening to me.

Njambi is as intoxicating, as I knew she would be. She is moving against me slowly, her nipples raking over my chest like little brands of need. The teasing, licking strokes of my tongue at her lips are driving her crazy. My dick is as hard as diamonds at an auction in Montenegro but I am not penetrating her yet. I want her to crave for me.


Her cunt is on fire. She can feel the flames licking through the tissue there, traveling to her womb, stroking it with the lava-hot agony of her arousal. I hold her wrists to the bed as I pause over her heaving breasts. Njambi watches me, barely able to keep her eyes open, fighting for breath as she marvels at the sensuality shaping my face.

“Philip…” She trembles beneath my brooding, hot gaze as it focuses on her succulent curves. How pretty they are. Way bigger than her sister’s

When my tongue strokes against one overly sensitized nipple she arches violently to me, a cry of pleasure erupting from her throat. When the heat of my mouth covers the hard tip, pleasure whips through her body with such force that she jerks with it, an almost orgasmic sensation ripping through her.

“Philip…gosh. Aki nipples zangu hukua sensitive sana.”

She presses against me, gasping for breath as my lips suckle at her breast, my tongue stroking her nipple with diabolical intent. My hands hold hers firmly on the bed, shackled, refusing to allow her to touch me in return. I groan against her sensitive flesh, my canines rasping against her as I nip at her nipple then. A small flash of fire, of never-ending intensity, sears across the heated peak.

Each touch makes her body weaker, makes her arousal flare higher. She stares down at me as my head begins to lower, my lips stroking down the tightened muscles of her stomach. Each lick is like a living flame on her skin. Each stroke of my tongue only fans it higher, hotter, brighter .

Njambi is on the verge of melting into a puddle of lust. I release her hands as I move lower, but there is no danger of her protesting now. She is panting, weakened by the surging pleasures, the blistering heat in her vagina.

My lips trail smooches over her skin, dipping into the small valley of her belly button, moving steadily closer to the swollen, moist curves of her bare cunt. She can only watch, can only tremble in anticipation as the room seems to heat with the building sensuality stretching between them. When my tongue strokes over her swollen clit, circling it with a smooth, sensuous lick she can’t halt the moaning cry for relief, or the spasmodic jerk of her hips

A strangled scream erupts from her throat as my lips engulf her vagina, drawing her sensitive clit into my suckling mouth. I spread her thighs wider then lick her in alphabets for five minutes straight. I eat her punani with real hunger like it’s some foreign delicacy. There is heat and fire, and then there is mindless ecstasy. It overtakes her, wrapping her in the cataclysmic folds of an impending orgasm

I keep on tasting her flesh and juices, rasping over the sensitized knot of nerves as my hands hold her thighs wide open, controlling her involuntary undulations against my mouth. Her vagina spills its silky moisture. She is moaning wildly, her eyes shut. Before she knows it, I get on top of her and thrust in fast – hard and deep

I growl against the throbbing knot of nerves and wetness of her punani as my cock slides through the thick essence.

“Fuck…..nacuuuuum” she declares, just moments after I enter.

Her eyes now widen, her gaze darkens and sensation begin to erupt inside her. Her clitoris fragments into a fireworks explosion of ecstasy as her vagina tightens on the invading cock, pulsing then erupting in rapture. The whipping sensations tear through her, tightening her muscles as heat flames throughout her body. She screams my name as the lightning strokes of pleasure tear her apart.

She has gotten an orgasm with my first few strokes. And that’s good because it means my job is easier.  I now have the option of focusing on my pleasure for now but that’s not what I am going to do. I still want to give her some good dicking that will make all this worth it, even if her sister finds out.

My cock nudges inside her further. The heated expulsion repeated, and incredibly I feel her vagina warming, relaxing, yet firing a deeper need inside the hungry depths.

“Yes beeby….yes…” She moans and shakes as the hunger becomes a compulsion, a hard demand that leaves her gasping. She climaxes once more. Wow. This girl comes easily, With her sister, it usually took hours.

Njambi can’t breathe. She gasps for breath, her head whipping against the mattress as her hands flail helplessly to hold onto the bulging breadth of my arm as I brace myself on my elbows.

My Luhya manhood fills her as it surges through swollen tissue.  Despite the echoes of release that still ripple over her body, she needs more.

I groan at her shoulder, my strong arms holding her close as I fuck her. The hot shaft of engorged flesh drags out of the gripping muscles of her cunt, only to return in a hard stroke of such brutal pleasure to her that I fear it would kill her.

“You are mine Philip,” she growls then. “Do you hear me? Mine. My sister can go to hell”

It’s amazing what good dicking can do to a woman. In the midst of all the sweetness, she has disowned her sister and declared me as her lover. I ignore that nevertheless.

My manhood thrusts into her delicious, clenching cunt with almost mindless fervor. The smooth hard strokes keeps her body clamoring for more as the sensations intensify, build; grow into such an impressive conflagration that she can only gasp at the power.

Njambi’s thighs tense, the muscles of her cunt involuntarily tightening on the surging shaft. I feel the hard pulse that is beginning to beat beneath the condom, and I know my control is slipping. She is too sweet


I gasp, my hands lowering, gripping her thighs and forcing her legs to rise. I lay over her, my mouth at her shoulder, my teeth an erotic pressure on her skin as I begin to shag her harder, deeper. I bet she can feel my big cock battering at the entrance to her womb, stroking her higher, filling her, driving her farther into the brutal maelstrom of sensation.

Two minutes later, her orgasm comes once again. Damn, I like this girl. She cums like a tap.

Her breath gurgles in her throat, her eyes blinded as her womb tightens further, then further. She tries to scream when she feels the implosion, but there is no breath for sound. She doesn’t explode outward, but inward. A violent destruction that occurs with such superb pleasure


I can feel her release splattering past my surging cock, then amazingly, her inner walls clamp tighter on me, tighter… I can’t help it this time, the way her quaking pussy milks me brings me to the edge. The first splash of my hot seed spills onto the condom. There is a brief moment when nothing comes out, then volumes flow out once again.

I cum more and more before collapsing on the bed. This….I can never regret.

“ I hope I didn’t scare you by  saying you are mine. I know we can’t date but we should do this more often. Simind tukiendelea kushag, Tunaeza kuwa friends with benefits”, she suggests

“Hiyo simind.” I say.


The sheriff has to hit that pussy a few more times.

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