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5 Things Kenyan Men Want In Bed

As a Kenyan man, I have a number of expectations whenever a woman lets me unclasp her bra. Through our ‘mantalk’ moments, i have learnt that my friends and associates have similar expectations.
The best way for a woman to immerse herself in an African man’s heart is through his stomach but the best way to his heart, body and soul is knowing how to “pakua” in the bedroom. Ladies, here are the things Kenyan guys want in bed.

1. Good Head

Not all women know about the art of good head giving. Some deem it unnecessary but mastering the art can guarantee you your man’s satisfaction and loyalty. I remember a few years back when I used to hear my older friends talking about how their girlfriends went down on them and I felt really bad because I had never experienced it yet. Most Kenyan men will agree with me that they love good BJs.

It’s a basic need for us men in the bedroom. Before you ‘xoxo’ ladies say yuck, listen up. If a man has to choose between the model you who refuses to go down and that normal looking girl who sucks his ‘shuma’ like she’s auditioning, he’ll choose her. And you keep wondering why you are still single. Or why men sleep with you once and never come back.

2. Moaning (Soundtrack)

Every good movie requires a soundtrack so please remember to provide one ladies. When a man does it well, he likes to know. Don’t just act gagged. When you let us know that we are doing our homework very well and that you enjoy it, it makes us work harder and keeps our egos intact. One of the best ways to show your man he’s working it well is when you moan in response.

3. Action Woman

Most of us Kenyan men do not want to be with a woman who is as passive as a log of wood in bed. The beauty of s*x is when the other person is active and responsive, it brings that satisfaction/fun in bed and makes a man look forward to a next time! When you are active, you both contribute to the explosiveness of the experience. It also takes some of the responsibility off your partner hence you both enjoy it.


4. Talking dirty

Most of us men love the dirty talk. It is a huge turn on and it lets us know when we are hitting the spot well. You want to keep your man’s mind on the s*x? Do the dirty talk more! It doesn’t matter how ‘holy’ you are. When you have agreed to drop your attire and get into action, you should be willing to perform and not just participate.

5. Cooperation

Let me further elaborate point number four. I know a good number of fellow guys have experienced a lady who is so stubborn in bed that you wonder why she agreed to do it in the first place. You end up wasting all your energy in ‘dialogue’ and trying to lie to her her that ‘utaingiza kichwa tu.’

Ladies, if you want to be stubborn, do so before the bedroom stage reaches. Play hard to get all you want but when you finally agree to do it, then you should cooperate and make the experience good.


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